It doesn’t matter which platform you promote your business; social media can suck you in big time. Here’s my #1 hack for avoiding the social media rabbit hole. 

No matter what business you have, it is evident that being on social media is an absolute must if you want more clients or customers. Being visible is an integral part of doing business. In a previous post, Which Social Media Platform, I discussed the importance of choosing the right platform to fit your business niche. 

There’s no point in having a Pinterest page if you’re an Accountant, and very little to gain if you sell scented candles and try to promote them on LinkedIn.

So you’ve worked out the right platforms. Now it’s time to do some serious posting.

And this is where you can easily get sucked in.

Here is my #1 hack for avoiding the social media rabbit hole.


You read that right! Use a timer. You can use one on your phone, or better still, use a physical timer. Not only do you need to wind it, but it will tick, and for some reason, that ticking noise will keep you focused on the task at hand. (Works for me!)

I am giving you another tip that has also made my life much easier. 

Write your posts (and graphics) in batches.

Set aside a particular day and time each week, or monthly if you wish, to write the week’s posts. Have them saved and ready to go, or schedule them using Facebook’s Meta Business Suite, which you’ll find on your page. The other scheduler I recommend is Publer for different platforms.

By batching, you will save a lot of time and effort each day, having to come up with ideas for posts. Of course, you can always add more if something relevant happens that needs posting instantly.

This way, you will stay off the platforms. Then when you need to go in each day to interact (being social), the timer comes in handy.

It’s entirely up to you as to how much time you wish to spend, but I suggest you begin with 25 minutes per platform, and that should be plenty of time to answer comments and connect with others.

Be totally staunch that when the timer ends, you finish the sentence and click out!

Hopefully, this #1 hack of mine for avoiding the social media rabbit hole frees up more time for you to do more of what you love.

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