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Driving Social Media or Canva’s Graphics



The old Social Media can be such a rabbit warren, can’t it? But you know you need to be posting.
But how do you give it justice?

Let me help you by showing you how to create the best visibility for your brand. Make sure you’re on the right platforms and using your time productively.

Learn the tricks to bringing more visibility to your business by spending an hour with me.

But it doesn’t end there! I am available for any follow-up questions/help for the following four weeks.


Do you use Canva? Are you confident, or do you get frustrated when the graphics don’t go as you want them to?

Canva is an exceptional tool for creating stunning images and graphics to advertise your brand. All the images on this site have been created with Canva!

Learn how to drive your Canva (free or pro versions) and become confident creating the popping graphics your posts need.

Spend one hour with me as I teach you to become confident with Canva!

But it doesn’t end there! I am available for any follow-up questions/help for the following four weeks.

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What People Say

I did enjoy our session and have implemented what we talked about especially in regards to Linkedin.

It is important to try something new, step out of your comfort zone as you never know where it could lead. I appreciated our session and would definitely recommend one to anyone.

Vanessa Kum Jew

Intuitive healer, The Essence Within.

OMG, you SO have to grab this offer with both hands. Fee O’Shea totally rocks!! I used to get so frustrated when I tried to use CANVA. Since Fee gave me a CANVA driving lesson, I am having a ball playing with it. I even managed to create a CANVA carousel this afternoon and it looks pretty cool, even if I do say so myself. Thank you so much Fee. x

Gail Page

Leadership Development Coach, Positive Pathways.

I spoke with Fee O’Shea towards the end of last year regarding social media.

The information that Fee shared was practical and some I could implement immediately. Great tips and strategies that helped me have the clarity to how I can use my time more wisely. Thank you Fee.

Lorraine Enright

Life Coach, Certitude Life Coaching.

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