Designing your graphics is a doddle when creating with Canva, the brilliant graphic design platform.


I have been creating with Canva for several years now. I worked with the free program for the first few years. Finally, I realised that I was using the platform every day, and there were functionalities I needed, so I began paying for the ‘Pro’ version. This made a massive difference in the designs I could create.

Don’t get me wrong. The free version offers a wonderful array of components that gets the novice (and even seasoned) graphic DIYer very creative designs.

So how do you begin creating with Canva?

1. Create an account at and begin with the free version.

2. You will come to the home page, where you decide what you want to create, e.g. Instagram/Facebook post, Facebook profile or cover, or even a banner or a flyer. Scroll through creating with canva


3. Let’s run through a few basics before you begin.

using canva creating canva


4. Now, you can choose a template. And to start, I would suggest you use their templates because it will make it easier for you and help you learn as you go. NOTE: anything with a crown on it means that it is only available in Canva’s paid version

5. Watch the short video below to learn the basics.


I hope this helps to get you started.


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