Understanding what brand consistency means will give you the edge when getting more traffic to your service or product. 


Once you get the gist of what brand consistency means, it may be a matter of making a few slight tweaks or taking the opportunity to rebrand. Placing your visual branding on everything you do gives your recognition and helps you stand out from competitors.

Let’s talk about brand and what it is. Your brand is more than simply having a logo, fonts and colours. It is the whole package of your business. From the quality of your product to how you deal with customers or clients, these are pivotal to brand awareness.

If you look at well-known brands such as Nestlé you can identify them by their logo and colours, but, if you’re like me, you also judge them by the fairness of their trading and their environmental impact, and this goes a long way to whether I buy their product or not.

I have spoken many times about the importance of a blog FIND LINK and how this is more than simply keeping your website current. It’s another link in the brand chain. Offering more value to your visitors gives your brand another tick, so to speak.

But now, let’s talk about brand consistency. This is where you are identified wherever you go. When working with clients with their brands, the first thing I do is audit all their online presence. This covers their website, social media and, in some cases, article sites, advertising and if they have a review site.

If you’re starting out, use this resource: Getting Started.

Begin by looking at your current graphic branding, i.e. your logo colours and font and then ask yourself:

  • Are they the same everywhere I show up? 
  • Is my logo on all images?
  • Is what I post in harmony with my business? 

There are four main areas of branding. They are:

  • Identity. Visuals, e.g. logo.
  • Essence. Your values.
  • Positioning. Where you show up.
  • Attribute. Your recognisable message.

With a solid online presence and what you post being brand consistent, you will develop more trust, leads, and sales. 

If you would like me to do an audit of your brand and guide you to the best practice and what will work for you, schedule a FREE consultation, and we’ll talk.

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