It’s been an unusual year as we have worked our way out of the pandemic, but we continue to go forward, and these are my top 5 trends for 2023.


With the debacle of Twitter’s change of ownership and people changing platforms, you’d think people would be over social media by now. However, that’s far from the truth. We are heading down the tech road with some exciting developments to look forward to. 

It’s all a bit of crystal ball gazing, but these are my 5 top trends for 2023, most of which I hope do eventuate.

1. TikTok has brought the trend of being authentic over the last couple of years. The rising BeReal platform is doing the same, perhaps even more so. And with video continuing to be on trend, authenticity is now the key ingredient. The days of the Insta filters are numbered.

2. With video, YouTube is still the leader, and Facebook and Twitter have improved their video capabilities. However, with the rise of TikTok, we see more short-form videos. YouTube understands this as we see far more ‘shorts’ on their platform, a trend that will continue to grow.

The beauty of short videos is that they are easy to create and relatively inexpensive (or even cost nothing). They also produce better user interaction. So look at keeping your videos short and punchy and be authentic.

3. Be prepared for the growth of AI. I predict that this will be the most significant trend for 2023. AI will pop up everywhere. It’s already in use with photos and content. It will also be used for predictive analytics, meaning that those using social media as a form of marketing will integrate this into their processes. This will give them more accuracy in forecasting their business.

4. Another trend to watch for is the removal of cookies. Mainly due to all of us getting frustrated by the lack of privacy! Wouldn’t it be great not to have ads follow you across all your devices and platforms?

5 trends for 2023  

5. Finally, another trend to emerge is multi-sensory social media. I’m hearing that brands are investing in sensory elements for consumers’ digital experience. This can be in the form of gamification right through to fully immersive digital malls.

Some exciting things to watch out for in 2023, and I trust my top 5 trends will eventuate. 

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